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At Dean Pelling Woodwind & Brass we are always looking to better our services for musicians.

This includes our investment in the American designed magnetic dent removal system and our most recent acquisition…

a large 90 litre ultrasonic cleaner from Ultrawave capable of taking complete instruments from a piccolo through to a Tenor Sax / Horn and beyond. This is an upgrade from the 5 litre tank we have been using for the past 10 years.

So what's this all about then…

The range of the human ear is from about 16 Hertz to 16 Kilo Hertz. Concert A is currently set at 440 / 440 Hertz. Ultrasonic cleaners work in a frequency of 44 to 52 Kilo Hertz, well beyond the scope of human hearing. The sound waves that are generated are transmitted through the liquid within the tank and cause the formation and collapse of minute bubbles; a phenomenon known as cavitation. The bubbles travel at high speed around the tank imploding against the surface of the items to be cleaned with an enormous energy release. This gently lifts contamination off the surfaces and innermost recesses of the instruments. This coupled with the correct detergent will gently remove calcium deposits and other matter from the instrument - a much more efficient method of cleaning that reaches the parts that  the traditional brush on a snake can't.

Ultrawave - why use ultrasonic

Ultrawave - technology

Don't just clean it - ultrasonic clean it!

View article "A clean Horn is a Healthy Horn" by David Arata

Unfortunately we are limited to the size of tank (600x450x400mm), but we are not limited to cleaning musical instruments - ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for a wide variety of items. If you have an item you are interested in having cleaned drop us a line.

Where possible servicing and overhaul work will include ultrasonic cleaning as standard.